Astra is a Crogenitor that dwelled on Verdanth after the Darkspore invaded. He mutated multiple innocent beings into powerful warriors during his time on Verdanth. His seems to be one of the less hostile Crogentiors.

Astra's Timeline

A timeline of the events that occurred from once Astra arrived on Verdanth to when the planet succumbed to the Darkspore.

A young Verdanthi named Savage was left without anything when his family was killed in a massive earthquake, and fled into the rain forests and lived amongst the wildlife, which he had the rare ability to communicate with. After being away from intelligent civilization for so long, Savage became a beast himself. One day, Astra appeared to him and led him towards mutagenic fungus that he made himself, and watched as Savage was transformed into Lord of the Beasts.

Later on, another civilian, Arborus, was watching as those above him in rank were chose to become the new gods of eternal green. Arborus craved to become like them, and one day, he was captured by Astra, who granted him incredible strength and the ability to summon earthquakes and volcanoes.

Further down the timeline, Astra begam to monitor an outcast named Tork, who took everything from those he could overpower. Disgusted by his behavior, he imprisoned Tork in his lab and ran tests on him. Tork became less arrogant and lived in fear, and when Astra gave him the chance to escape and be a hero, and broke all of the other prisoners out and escaped and was praised as Tork, the Fungal King.

Later on, a scientist named Sage discovered Astra using a heat-sensing scanner device, and labled him as Entity 13. Sage eventually found Entity 13, but concluded that Astra was not a threat. At least, not compared to the swarm of Darkspore that had begun to appear on this planet. Sage was unable to stop then, and fled away onto a Crogenitor refugee ship. There, he reconstructed his weapons and became Sage, the Life Forester. Using his abilities to summon plantlife, he vowed to free his homeworld of Verdanth from the Darkspore so he can finally lay down his weapons and devote his life back to science.

After the Darkspore invaded, a weapon maker named Viper was making primitive tools of wood and stone in his workshop, when Astra abducted him. Astra ran multiple tests on him, and made his skin poisonous. Using new equipment granted to him by Astra, Viper made wrist-mounted daggers that were drenched in his skin's venomous excretions, and became Viper, the Toxic Ravager, who then became yet another living weapon to fight the Darkspore.