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Carrion Shamblers were Necro Lieutenant from Nocturna. Massive beings clad in armor and wrapped in muscle, the Carrion Shamblers were one of many Darkspore to keep an eye on while battling. They were able to consume the corpses of their fallen allies, and in doing so increase their size, damage and health.
  • Invasion Variant: Carrion Devourer
  • Apocalypse Variant: Carrion Maw

There were three Carrion Shambler Captains, one for each difficulty mode.


The loathsome carrion shamblers physically attack their foes with their massive fists. But their primary role is clearing their planet of corpses, which they do by stopping to gorge upon any they find. By consuming fallen bodies, shamblers quickly increase their size and strength to become nightmarish threats in any field of death.


One of the easiest ways to deal with a Shambler was to Critically Strike as often as possible. Enemies that were killed with Critical Hits exploded, leaving no remains for Shamblers to consume. This meant Ravagers could make short work of these Darkspore, but these enemies should be taken-out first if possible.

Even if they got a few corpses in, there's no reason to panic. Just keep your distance, and the buff would where-off eventually, leaving the Carrion Shambler at its original strength. You could also use Meditron's Syndrome Shift to steal the enrage buff, turning their own advantage against them. (Arakna's Essence Volley or Orion's Chrono Flux would also steal buffs with certain modifiers.)


800px-Darkspore Titan2

A Carrion Shambler (in its early design) fighting Titan, along with a few Pyros and Parasitic Threshers.

  • Munch-1024x983

    Official Concept Art of a Carrion Shambler

    The Carrion Shambler was first recognized by fans in the Andromeda Spotlight video. While not mentioned, it was seen on-screen several times.
  • During one of the videos on Help E-DNA, featuring Titan's Seismic Smash, a Carrion Shambler was seen along with a few Pyros and Parasitic Threshers. (see image, right) However, the Shambler's size and body structure led people to believe it was a Lightning Stalker from one of Maxis' Template Challenges.
  • In Invasion Mode, they could eat the bodies of dead players' heroes during co-op mode. In Apocalypse Mode, they could also consume the blood pools left behind when enemies were killed (even with the 'No Blood' graphic setting).
  • Carrion Shamblers were one of only two cannibalistic enemies, the other being Orcus (Animi don't count because they did not eat one another in-game, only in the lore). The term 'cannibalism' was used here under the assumption that the many species of Darkspore were genetically intertwined enough to be regarded as a single species.
  • They were the only non-Bio characters with Enraging capabilities. (This was excluding Elites with the "Deadly" affix, which was not a true enrage.)
  • Like the other Necro Lieutenants, it was based off of one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The Carrion Shambler was based off the sin of Gluttony.