Arborus and Sage engaged in combat with the Necro Lockdown Agent

Darkspore Operatives (also known as Darkspore Agents or Lockdown Agents) are enemies that are only encountered in Co-op mode. They are especially dangerous, as they have an ability that no other enemy in the game has; They can trap players, keeping them from being able to move or use their abilities, and gradually drain their life while they helplessly watch. The only way the player can be freed is if another player decides to help them out by killing or stunning the Operative. In this way, the trapped player is completely at the mercy of the other players.


There are different types of Operatives depending on what planet the player is on:

Gravitic Confiner - Found on Zelem's Nexus, the Gravitic Confiner is a legless Operative that moves via jetpack. It flies down from above and traps players in a force-field.

Haunt Strider - Found on Nocturna. Bears a strong resembles to the 'Life Leech'. It walks into the battlefeiled casually from off-screen, and will capture players in a ball of web. Once caught, the player will be dragged towards the Strider's jaws and will begin to have their life and power drained until freed.

Vaulting Amphiod - A frog-like operative can be found on Verdanth. It hops from place to place, and will trap heroes in a puddle of toxic slime that slowly drains their health and power until freed.

Magmatic Brute- This Plasma Operative can be found only on planet Cryos. Unlike other Operatives, which lock down the heroes themselves, this Operative punches the ground,summoning two smaller silver, spider-like creatures called Volt and Cinder. Volt will lock down the player in a red orb is static electricity, and Cinder will breath a constant stream of fire at players trying to free whoever is trapped by Volt. The Magmatic Brute itself resembles a hulking golem-like beast with one of Zrin's gauntlets on it's back.

Omicron - These Cyber Operatives appear on Infinity. They can trap players in laser-cages. They will run away after being attacked, making players easier to free. They also have an orbiting drone that heals them over time.

All Operative types appear on Scaldron, also agents appear from a dark cloud in certain areas and the screen will rumble signaling their appearance.

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