Destructors, akin to "Bosses" in other games, are large, menacing, and incredibly powerful enemies that have a wide variety of abilities to use, and summon other enemies (often called "Spawns") to aid them in battle. They also have large amounts of health and high defenses, as well as unique titles. These are the most powerful enemies in the game.

They were once Crogenitors, but later joined The Corrupter, and were then mutated by E-DNA. Their first attack was on Cryos, in which they slaughtered the un-mutated Crogenitors that were stationed there. They are now stationed on different planets of their coinciding Genesis Type.

They're only encountered at the end of X-4 Threat Levels, and like other enemies, have different variants for each Difficulty Mode

With the exception of The Corruptor, all Destructors are named after celestial objects. Orcus is a planet, and the rest are stars in large constellations.

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