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Tempests are similar to Mages in other games. Like RavagersIcon ravager 24x24, they do not endure constant damage, but their stat focus on Mind to boost their Resistance Rating and special attacks let them withstand energy damage like SentinelsIcon sentinel 24x24. In addition, their far-reaching abilities afford them space to move away of incoming danger. They specialize in ranged attacks and support abilities, employing various crowd control tactics that keep enemies at bay and firing off long-distance blasts of damaging energy. Some are even able to utilize healing abilities. Living Weapons in this class are: SageIcon type bio, TorkIcon type bio, JinxIcon type necro, RevenantIcon type necro, LuminIcon type plasma, CharIcon type plasma, SRS-42Icon type cyber, MeditronIcon type cyber, AndromedaIcon type quantumand OrionIcon type quantum.

While all heroes use the same stat conversions, Tempests have the following base stats:

Icon tempest 24x24 Class Base Stat Conversion
Health 100 + Strength X 5
Power 125 + Mind
Critical Rating 50 + Dexterity X 4
Dodge Rating 50 + Dexterity X 6
Resistance Rating 150 + Mind X 6
Strength, Dexterity, Mind Different for each hero variant.

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