A Caustic Stinger

2012-04-21 00001

Apocalypse Variant: Darting Stinger

Caustic Stingers are wasp/mosquito-like Bio Minions found primarily on Verdanth. Their fast darting movements make them difficult to kill, especially in large numbers.


Fast-flying Caustic Stingers were always a threat in the jungles of Verdanth, often driving their prey into maddened rages because of their relentless, circling, swarming attacks and horrendous high-pitched whines. Engorged following Darkspore mutation, Stingers are now individually capable of bringing down their quarry. Although cautious before they launch attacks, once they decide, Stingers are determined and deadly via rapid stinging attacks.


Caustic Stingers always circle around Heroes before attacking, and are very fast when doing so. But right before they attack they pause, giving players a chance to strike and kill them.

These enemies are particularly bothersome in groups, so using AoE abilities like Zrin's Plasma Column can eliminate many Stingers simultaneously. Goliath's Arc Weld also is a good ability to deal with multiple Stingers, it will kill or severely weaken most of the Stingers letting you easily pick off the remaining enemies.


  • Caustic Stingers are similar to the Sting Raider; Both are very speedy, both fly around Heroes, and both have stinging attacks (thus their names). However, Sting Raiders move somewhat less and are Shifted.
  • Caustic Stingers were first seen during the Developer Walkthrough: Co-op Part 1, on Cryos, making them some of the first enemies seen in actual gameplay.
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