Minion chronostriker var1

An Onslaught Chrono Striker

  • Onslaught Variant: Chrono Striker
  • Invasion Variant: Time Striker
  • Apocalypse Variant: Temporal Srtriker

Chrono Strikers are Quantum Minions native to Zelem's Nexus. They strike Heroes with their tails, simultaneously damaging and slowing them. They also flee when another Chrono Striker is killed nearby.


Originally microbes that clung to the skins of most Zelemi life-forms, Chrono Strikers swelled to thousands of times their original size following Darkspore mutation. Using their tails, Strikers aim quantum-gravitic energy at their targets, slowing the time stream around them. While intensely dangerous, Strikers have an underdeveloped pack-sense, and flee immediately when their herd-mates die.


Chrono Strikers do not deal very much damage, and their slow is not much more than a nuisance. Like most minions, they are most dangerous in large numbers, mostly because of the slow they inflict stacks.

In which case, they can slow Heroes to the point that they cannot defend themselves. This can very well become a death sentence, especially if they are accompanied by a Lieutenant or Elite.

But because the slow can only be inflicted if their attack damages, the higher Dodge rating of Ravagers will help them to at least be slowed less. This also means that Wraith's Ghostform squad ability renders them completely harmless, but this is only a temporary solution. In addition, Meditron can use his Syndrome Shift unique ability to transfer the slow onto them instead.

The "Immune to being slowed by Darkspore" secondary stat greatly lessens their threat to Heroes.


  • Chrono Strikers have a very similar appearance to the Angel Pods from Spore (Darkspore's predecessor).
  • The bulbuos part on the end of the Chrono Striker's tail is nearly identical to the "Problem-Solvent" creature weapon part in the Spore creature creator.
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