Darkspore, just like any other computer game, could be modded, meaning that mods, files that could be added to the game to add or subtreact features, for Darkspore or about Darkspore exist.

Mods related to Darkspore

  • Splash Art of the Dark Injection Logo. Made by HelmoChipChop.
  • Another Splash Art for Dark Injection featuring the Destructors. Also by HelmoChipChop.
  • Another Splash Art for Dark Injection. Also by HelmoChipChop.
  • Splash art of Dark Injection. Created by Xaesheir/xDoomsoulx.
  • Another Splash Art for Dark Injection. Also by Xaesheir/xDoomsoulx.
Dark Injection
- A mod for Spore, which adds 50 pages of parts, all of which are used in Darkspore, even the heads, limbs, and weapons of heroes and enemies. The mod requires files from Darkspore itself to work properly, as well as the Spore expansion pack, Galactic Adventures. Creations made using the mod can be shared by being placed in Adventures. Other people who also own the mod can download the creatures into their game. Textures for parts are still being improved. The mod also contains 3 other mods, Betterspore, Grox Parts, and Forced Save.

The next version of this mod will contain:

-Better part organization

-Actual sound files from Darkspore to be used on Darkspore mouths (not currently a high priority)

-Textures from Darkspore for Darkspore parts.

-Slightly-improved animations.

Ver. 8.0.0 (current version)

- 3D Cell Editor

- Unlimited Complexity Creatures

- Building Rotation

- 650+ DarkSpore Parts

- 50+ Added Creature Paints

- Extended Creature Height & Width

- 20+ New Creature Abilities

- 99 Added Effects

- Additional Tuning Handles

- Genetic Modifier

- New Page of Original Voices

- New page of Original Abilities

- Darkspore Textures

Dark Injection Video

This is a Fan-Made video of the Dark Injection Mod, this video is only at the 6.0 version.

Spore - Dark Injections 6

Spore - Dark Injections 6.0 (2011) fan-made trailer

Dark Rejection - Was the only one for Darkspore. It allowed the player to have more control over the editor, allowing them to place new heads on their heroes, as well as adding morph handles on feet, hands, and even weapons. Just like the mod above, this mod was activated inversely by bringing files from Spore into Darkspore.