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"1st December 2015: Today, we are announcing that we will be closing the doors on Darkspore, effective March 1st, 2016. It’s been a great run and we hope that you have enjoyed your time with Darkspore. While it can be hard to say goodbye, keep in mind there are tons of awesome games available for free on Origin. Enjoy 48-hours of fun with Game Time titles such as The Sims 4 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare or download the latest Origin On the House release and add it to your library.

"There is always something great to play on Origin and we hope to see you in another game very soon!"

For Information About The Similar Maxis Game Spore, Please See Our Cousin Wiki, SporeWiki.

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The Corruptor, Master of Darkspore, is the primary antagonist in Darkspore and the game's final boss. He was once the powerful Crogenitor named Xylan, who had discovered E-DNA. However, after E-DNA had mutated it's test subjects and created The Darkspore, E-DNA was outlawed, and he was cast into exile. He was convinced that he, and only he, could withstand the transfection of E-DNA, but he was far from correct. Read more...:


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