Minion drainingsimian var1

A Draining Simian from Onslaught.

Draining Simians were Necro Minions from Nocturna, they employed their siphon powers to steal health from heroes.


Draining Simians were one of Nocturna's few gentle indigenous species. Given their playful nature and their diet of plants and mosses, they inspired predator-fear among no sentient creatures. But the Darkspore mass-mutation of Nocturna's biosphere twisted the simians into parasites. They feed from the biochemical/energetic "life force" of their hosts, quickly satiating themselves and retiring for naps, leaving their victims to die.


Draining Simians would hop around as if nothing was happening, but as soon as a hero or its pet was sighted, the Simians would leap to the hero and start draining them of their life. They must enter melee range in order to use their "life leech", and channel for the whole duration. However, they could keep the stream of necrotic energy stable over a distance of a few meters, until the stream broke, and they had to recast their Drain. Channeled abilities would not be help, unless they were immobilizers. A good hero of choice was Sage. His Dendrones could distract the Simians away from him, while he would continuously shoot the Simians to death, while healing the Dendrones in the process. Blitz was another good hero. With his Plasma Wreath, he could resist most of the Drain, while zapping the Simians that were attacking him.


  • Despite their names giving the impression of being mammals, their bulbous eyes and mandibles give an insectoid appearance. But then, they were aliens, and mutated ones at that, so Earth classifications did not apply well. Another ironic fact about their name was that they did not get healed from the health they drained.
  • They had the same hands as Sage and Viper.
  • They had Wraith's feet.
  • Simians didn't actually appear In-game until BETA test 3. Before then, they would not spawn on levels.

    Official Concept art of Draining Simians