Dread Root

A Dread Root from Onslaught.

Dread Roots
were Bio Minions from the game Darkspore. They were encountered on Verdanth. While they were dormant they remained hidden in the ground with only their "branches" sticking out. However, when a player was in detected proximity, they would burst out of the ground and attack.


Dread Roots were once mysterious creatures of Verdanth's forbidding polar rainforests, thought by many Verdanthi to be ghosts or simply legends. But under Darkspore contamination, the roots emerged from hiding as rugged, ruthless attackers. Their physical assaults are frequently deadly against any prey unlucky enough to be immobilized by their subterranean rootshackles, allowing their allies to converge for a mass-attack.


Dread Roots had a simple scratching melee attack, but occasionally, these attacks could root heroes in place for a short time. As a bonus, any player hit by a Dread Root would get the attention of other nearby Darkspore as well.

Avoid charging into a group of these enemies, because they could immobilize you quickly. If one trapped you, it gives another dread root the chance to root you again. Thus, leaving you open to other attacks.


  • Dread Roots had arms, legs and feet resembling those of Arborus.
  • Just like Pack Brawlers, they were some of the ONLY cyclopean Darkspore. (meaning they have only one eye)
  • Their hands were the same ones that Sage and Viper have.
  • There was a glitch where Dread Roots could attack you even if they are underground. (Idle enemies usually had a special animation like coming out of the ground.)