E-DNA seen being injected.

Exponential DNA, usually known as E-DNA, or sometimes eDNA, is a powerful type of DNA invented by The Crogenitors, featured in the game Darkspore. The Crogenitors used it to shape living matter as they pleased for eons - even go so far as to weaponize life itself, as evidenced in the Living Weapons. In their arrogance, the Crogenitors did not notice that the E-DNA was becoming unstable. Some eventually mutated into a virus, later called The Darkspore, which empowered by it's E-DNA, began to twist planetary populations into mutated hordes.


E-DNA's role in Gameplay

  • E-DNA in Darkspore is used in a similar way as DNA Points in Spore. It is gained after killing an enemy, then is brought back to your ship and stabilized so it can be used.

    Andromeda next to some E-DNA



  • E-DNA may be a reference to EA, (Electronic Arts), the publisher of the game.
  • E-DNA appears to be a black, cloudy, oil-like substance, but when viewed at microscopic perspectives, it is actually made up of many tiny silver crystals.
  • Thomas Vu, the lead producer for Darkspore, accidentally pronounced "E-DNA" as an actual name, "Edna" at Comic-con /07/24/2010.
  • E-DNA is involved in a Darkspore ARG called Help eDNA. The ARG's text shows E-DNA as eDNA.
  • In Polish translations of Darkspore, E-DNA is called W-DNA instead.