Minion exploderscarab var1

Onslaught variant of the Exploder Scarab.

Exploder Scarabs were Cyber Minions that appear in large numbers on planet Infinity. Despite their low health, they were incredibly volatile in nature and would explode if not killed quickly enough.


Before the Darkspore invasion of Infinity, exploder scarabs were harmless extremophiles, living in icy environments or on the borders of plasma oceans. Following nanobot mass-mutation, the scarabs became highly destructive. Until approached, they remain motionless and therefore nearly undetectable. Once startled into activation, they hurl themselves at their targets and explode, stunning and wounding their targets. Although scarabs are easily killed, the threat they pose must not be underestimated.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Bursting Scarab
If fought in large groups, these enemies could become deadly. In Onslaught mode, these enemies would daze heroes caught in the blast zone, causing them to slow down in movement for 4 seconds. In Invasion and Apocalypse mode, however, heroes would be stunned, which meant the heroes would be unable to make any actions for 3 seconds. If a single Scarab detonated, a stunned hero could become overwhelmed and quickly killed without any way to prevent it. When fighting single Scarabs, Andromeda was a good hero of choice, mainly because her projectiles pushed enemies further away occasionally.

Any Quantum hero or hero with a ranged effect that could interrupt enemy attacks would be able to slow down the time it took for the Scarabs to explode, and therefore, made killing them much easier. Sage's squad ability, Strangling Briars was a good move to use against large groups, as it would slow down and damage them over time. They were perhaps at their most dangerous when they had the Persistent Affix. Scarabs die because they explode, not the other way around, so if they were killed before they reach the player, Persistent would kick in, and they would then resume their kamikaze charge. A good strategy was to get rid of them with an AOE.

The worst heroes to use were Melee heroes, since they could only hit the Scarabs when they were close enough but, by then, it would be too late...


  • Their suicidal nature was similar to that of the Nova, a Plasma Minion.
  • Exploder Scarabs were used by Arcturus to help Xylan take over Zelem's Nexus. Arcturus also summoned them during his boss battle.
  • There was a sort of clock on the Scarabs, making them seem even more like timed bombs.
  • Like many other enemies, Exploder Scarabs did not have feet, just limbs that look like feet.