Darkspore HELIX

The central system of HELIX, as seen in the game.

HELIX was the AI supercomputer network stationed on all Crogenitor cryoships. It was responsible for stabilizing E-DNA, reconstructing deceased Genetic Heroes, and awakening the Crogenitors in stasis.

HELIX spoke in a soft feminine voice, but with relatively little inflection.

Role In-Game

HELIX was the game's narrator. She narrated all the cutscenes throughout the game, as well as planets' history when reaching certain points within a level. Cutscenes and history only occur once, during the first-time through in Onslaught Mode.

HELIX also mentioned things regarding the players well-being, such as if their health or power was low. A 'HELIX COMPUTER' button was available in the Navigation and Arsenal menus, which allowed players to see their profiles and the leaderboards.

HELIX's voice could be toggled On and Off via Graphic Settings.

Easter Eggs

HELIX had many know Easter eggs:


"That ability is on cooldown."
"That ability is not ready."
"That ability is STILL not ready."
"Have you ever heard the expression, 'a watched pot never boils'?"
"Has anyone ever told you that patience is a virtue?"

Hero Switching

"Hero switching on cooldown."
"Hero switching not ready."
"Hero switching STILL not ready."


"This ability requires a target."
"A target is Required for this ability."
"This ability requires a target."
"This ability STILL requires a target."


"Insufficient power."
"Insufficient power."
"Insufficient power."
"Power STILL insufficient."
"Trying to use abilities, unfortunately, DOESN'T give you power."
"With great power comes great responsibility, but you don't have either."


"Overdrive not charged."
"Overdrive not charged."
"Overdrive not charged."
"Overdrive is STILL not fully charged."


"Catalyst Grid is at capacity."
"Catalyst Grid is at capacity."
"Catalyst Grid is at capacity."
"Catalyst Grid is STILL at capacity."
"Your catalysts aren't going anywhere, you know."
"You do know how to drop catalysts, right?"


  • HELIX's "eye" somewhat resembled the Helix Nebula. It is unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • HELIX was similar to 2001 Space Odyssey's HAL.
  • The exact meaning of HELIX's name is unknown, aside from being a reference to DNA. It could very well be an acronym.