Minion hoverbot var1

A Hover-Bot from Onslaught.

Hover-Bots were small, hovering Cyber Minions found on the planet Scaldron. When they found others of their kind, they formed electrical links between them, which dealt damage to any hero who touched them. They would try to form the "Circle of Death" with electrical links around a hero if there were more than 3. It was best to use a shooting character, like Sage, against these enemies. In Apocalypse mode, these enemies could also appear on Zelem's Nexus.
  • Onslaught Variant: Hover-Bot
  • Apocalypse Variant: Hover-Bot Proton


Originally cybernetic observation devices, the Hover-Bots were designed by the the Crogenitors to provide constant surveillance of the galaxy's capital planet, Perceptum. Once subject to the Darkspore mutation, the Hover-Bots saw their detectional lasers transformed into killing devices. Hover-Bots work together, forming destructive laser connectors around their foes, boxing them in before terminating them.


They would try to connect to other Hover-Bots with laser beams, and try to surround heroes. Alone, they were not capable of doing anything, but if there was more then one, they could be deadly, because the number of Hover-Bots that could connect is limitless. This meant even 10 Hover-Bots could connect to each other, making escapes nearly impossible, and death nearly certain.
Example hoverbot chain

An example of a Hover Pool.

A good strategy to use against Hover-Bots was to use Sage's Strangling Briars to slow them down, and then quickly use Goliath's Arc Weld for the best results.


  • 1Hover Bots

    A pack of Hover-Bots.

    Hover-bots were some of the only "flying" enemies in the game. The others were: Sting Raiders, Strafing Drakons, Caustic Stingers, Gravitic Confiners and Sinkholes.
  • Ironically, the laser beams dealt PHYSICAL damage, so a high Resist Rating and low Dodge rating would still cause them to deal a lot of damage. Having high Dodge rating would allow you to dodge most of the lasers. This also meant a nearby Shadower's Physical Vulnerability would make Hover Bots more dangerous, and a Raytheoid's Energy Damage Buff would not affect them.
  • They were the LEAST complex enemies in the entire game. They were only composed of a spine (the ball), as well as Krel's Cashout weapon, the Nova Blaster, and Orion's Cashout weapon, the Chrono-Pistol.
  • Because of the massive damage they inflicted in numbers, Hover-bots were considered one of the most feared minions in the game.