Lieutenant lasertank var1

The Onslaught variant of the Laser Tank.

Once Crogenitor army tanks, Laser Tanks were Cyber Lieutenants found primarily on Infinity, and later on Scaldron. Their orbular bodies made it impossible to detect which side is front and/or back, which made it one of the few enemies that Skar's passive ability was rendered useless on. They were also highly resistant to all attacks that dealt energy damage, as well any attack that deals damage over time. This also rendered Tork completely useless against them in combat, while it also rendered Viper's Passive completely useless.

It was presumed that Arcturus was the one behind their betrayal of the Crogenitors, since he was said to have made all (or most) of the Cyber enemies.


Possessing brains and nervous systems cloned from Infinity's strongest warriors, laser tanks were once beings who fought the Darkspore. Formidable foes, laser tanks are highly resistant to energy attacks, and can slice up to three enemies simultaneously with sustained energy beams at nearby foes. They create laser walls to cage in their foes at penalty of dismemberment or death.


  • Onslaught Variant: Laser Tank
  • Laser Tank Gamma (Apocalypse)
Even though he could not benefit from his passive ability while battling these enemies, Skar was still a great choice when it came to fighting Laser Tanks. His basic attack always dealt damage twice in one combo, and his unique ability, Shadow Sting would cause greater damage, and even more damage if it was applied multiple times.

Another good hero of choice would be Magnos. Both his Unique and Squad Abillities would deal great damage to the Laser Tanks as well as interrupt their Laser-shooting attack, during which they must stay still. Most players also focused on Magnos' defenses, so a high Resist gave him a better chance of coming out of the fight with little damage.

Krel could alternate between using Tribolt and Twinblaze',' both dealing physical damage. Twinblaze would also inflict Energy Vulnerability, letting the burn inflicted by Tribolt have more of an effect.

Another great strategy would be to use Wraith Beta. Since both Phantom Charge and Suppressive Blow suppressed enemies, Wraith could continuously suppress them, preventing them from firing lasers. Revenant worked for this strategy as well, with Psychic Storm.


  • Only normal Laser Tanks in Onslaught fired up to 3 lasers at once. Captain Laser Tanks, as well as any found in Invasion and Apocalypse, could fire up to 4 at the same time. A new laser was replaced (by the first) if there were already 3-4 lasers.
  • Laser Tanks were the second enemy revealed with a dps/energy damage-resistant buff, the first being the Acid Shell.
  • They had Meditron's feet and Titan's eyes(all around the Circumference).
  • Laser Tanks were considered to be one of the most annoying enemies in the game.