Minion laserunit var1

A Laser Unit from Onslaught.

Laser Units were Cyber Minions from Infinity. They attacked with piercing lasers at heroes, but remained stationary while attacking.


Laser Units were originally nonsentient devices, mere weapons of combat and tools of excavation. Following the Darkspore invasion of Infinity, the Corruptor mutated them to gain fearless predator instincts. Possessing the technological might of war machines, laser units are highly resistant to damage and uniquely destructive, firing piercing laser bolts at their targets.


Laser Units were nothing special. They had a brief animation prior to firing their beams, which would alert the player. High resist, and some fast, strong ranged attacks would deal with them quickly. Their lasers were piercing and if you're playing co-op, one of your teammates could get hit from the same beam that zapped you. The best tactics to employ was to use fast heroes, especially Ravagers , that could deal a ton of damage, and being able to strafe between the lasers.
  • Invasion Variant: Isotronic Laser Unit

One of the best heroes was Skar, because his passive would let him quickly kill them, since it was easy for any Ravager to get behind them. Wraith's squad ability Ghostform was also a great way to avoid getting hit by their laser attacks, for the lasers would pass right through you. Surprisingly, SRS-42 and Meditron were also good heroes to use, since they fired homing projectiles, so they could fire at the Laser Units and then run away.


  • Laser Units were made almost exclusively out of Limb parts.
  • They had the feet of SRS-42.
  • Laser Units were first revealed in the first Dev Diary video, regarding Squads and Abilities.
  • Most of the limbs the Onslaught Laser Units had were from the Spore Bot Parts Pack.
  • Their feet were also from the Spore Bot Parts Pack. The parts were called "Crushers".