Minion lightningstalker var1

A Lightning Stalker

Lightning Stalkers were small, tripedal Plasma Minions that shot electric orbs at their enemies that occasionally shocked the target. This made them harmless alone, but infuriating in large groups.


Lightning stalkers have been the scourge of Cryosi stragglers and survivors since the planet's ice age began. Heavily armored with terrifying claws and horns, stalkers are highly adept at tracking prey for hours, days or even weeks if food is scarce. While they're quite capable of ripping their targets to bloody shreds with their claws, they more often strike at a distance with blinding bolts of their electroplasma.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Lightning Executor
Alone, Lightning Stalkers required little or no strategy. In a group, however, it would be wise to give a Tempest as much resist rating and shock resistance as possible. Stalkers were devastating when paired up with several Lieutenants, such as Raytheoids.


  • Lightning Stalkers were originally bipedal bird-like creatures designed in Spore as a Template Challenge, but this concept was replaced for the current one for an unknown reason.
  • Their mouth was a part form Spore Creepy & Cute known as "Maccobjaw". Surprisingly, this mouth was very popular amongst Darkspore Mutants.
  • These creeps had Char's feet and Lumin's hands.
  • On Invasion, they had Lumin's head.
  • On Apocalypse, their "Maccobjaw" was turned upside down.