Magnetic Master

A Magnetic Master from Onslaught.

Magnetic Masters were huge and imposing Quantum Lieutenants from Zelem's Nexus. Despite their appearance, they provided more of a support role rather than an offensive one.


Magnetic Masters have always been a terrifying sight on Zelem's Nexus, yet they avoid close combat whenever possible. At close range they emit a circular gravitic blast wave which wounds victims and sending them flying. They can also gravitically yank enemies into their allies' grasp. Intelligent enough to underdstand their opponents' attack strategies, they share such knowledge with their deadly kin.


Magnetic Masters were quite annoying enemies. Their gravity well attacks would pull you from almost anywhere and upon getting too close, they would send you flying with their kinectic wave attack.
  • Onslaught Variant: Magnetic Master
  • Invasion Variant: Magnetic Genius
  • Apocalypse Variant: Magnetic Mastermind

They usually struck when your too busy attacking other enemies, so dealing with them was a must. The masters hung back waiting for a chance to strike, at this point you should be running away to escape their range, use Sage's Strangling Briars to weaken them and keep shooting at them from afar.

Beware of multiple masters in an engagement because you would be spending most of your time flying around after each one pulls you.

Blitz was an excellent choice against lone Magnetic Masters. He could quickly attack them with Ride the Lightning, then slash them. Attack Speed was nearly essential here, since without it, Blitz probably would not do enough damage before the shock wears off and he gets launched in the air.

Against multiple Masters, Skar Delta was probably the best option. His variant Ability, Affliction Bolt, easily crippled a mob of them if combined with Shadow Cloak. Another advantage with the latter ability was that the Magnetic Masters won't even see Skar, so the player would not have to worry about getting attacked.


  • Their mouth is a part from Spore called the Pincernaut, although here, it is upside-down. They also had the Glider Pack from Galactic Adventures.
  • Despite their lore they actually pulled you towards them, not other Darkspore.
  • The Magnetic Master's attacks were identical to Magnos' Gravity Well and Andromeda's Repulsion Sphere.
  • They seemed to be completely made out of Spore Parts.
  • They counted as armored Darkspore. (because of their gravitic weaponry)
  • When the game was early introduced, Magnetic Masters were known as "Shikoru".
  • Magnetic Masters had Savage's Fanged Knuckles on their forearms on Invasion.
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