Minion menaceweed var1

A Menace Weed from Onslaught.

Menace Weeds were Bio Minions encountered on Verdanth. While dormant, they rested with only their head above the ground. When the player came near, they would jump out and attack with rapid thorn bursts. If other Darkspore were nearby, they would channel a healing aura that will continuously heal the other Darkspore.


Mobile, tripedal menace weeds are remarkable plants. To their allies, they are bringers of healing, beautiful for their "crown" of bright leaves which rotates whenever they offer regeneration. But following mutation by the Darkspore, and when separate from any other members of their species, the weeds uproot themselves to advance against, and fire thorns at, any predators or prey in range.


  • Onslaught Variant: Menace Weed
  • Invasion Variant: Jackal Weed
  • Apocalypse Variant: Crisis Weed

Menace Weeds were annoying enemies, even if they were alone they still posed quite a threat. Their rapid thorn burst attacks caused major damage if all the thorns hit you. They were also supportive Darkspore as well, they would remain idle when other Darkspore were nearby and channel their healing abilities, this would continuously heal other Darkspore, making it harder to land kills.

To deal effectively with the menace weeds, try to kill them first or weaken them with area effect attacks such as Sage's Strangling Briars. Goliath's Arc Weld was also a good choice when there were numerous weeds and other Darkspore. Avoid getting close to menace weeds because the closer you are the more damage you will take.


  • Menace Weeds did not have any feet, just limbs to look like clawed feet.
  • Their attacks were similar to that of Fragbot Mechs'.
  • They also had the "Saginaughty" mouth from Spore.
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