Lieutenant moltencrawler var1

A Molten Crawler

Molten Crawlers are dangerous Plasma Lieutenants. Creeping around the icy wastes of Cryos, the Molten Crawler hurls globs of molten rock at Heroes, and inflicts physical damage by striking with their front limbs.


Since their earliest appearance in the scrolls of evolution, Molten Crawlers have been a threat to all creatures they deemed prey. Highly dexterous on any terrain, they unleash devastating attacks by projecting blasts of lava at their targets. Even if those blasts miss, they form lethally hot pools wherever they land. In close quarters, Crawlers are capable fighters, using their front feet as devastating fists.


  • Onslaught Variant: Molten Crawler
  • Apocalypse Variant: Eruption Crawler
Molten Crawlers are part of a group of uncommon but devastating Darkspore, along with Decelerator and Suppression Mechanoid. Molten Crawlers lob projectiles that creates a burning AOE wherever they land. They often launch another as soon as you step out of the first one, making escaping their influence nigh impossible. Do NOT cleanse until you are out of the AOE, as it will instantly re-apply the Burn.

Kill any and all Molten Crawlers with extreme prejudice as soon as they spawn. While it is nearly impossible to avoid the damage, you can limit how much damage you are dealt by killing these obscenities as soon as possible. If you have any Hero with Burn immunity, USE IT. You can also cleanse it by using Tork's Sporegenesis ability to get the burn out of the way while it heals your Hero. Also, Meditron's Syndrome Shift can be used to cause the Molten Crawlers to perish by their own flames.


  • Molten Crawlers bear a resemblance to Char's pet. They also happen to have the same kind of foot the Hero and his pet do.
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