Mutation Mines

Mutation Agents. The black smoke on the picture are clouds of E-DNA.


Mutation Agents ingame.

Mutation Agents
are very rare and dangerous enemies. All alone, they aren't very dangerous. That was the good thing. The bad thing about these galactic pests is that they're never alone. Mutation Agents are deployed from their transporter units, called Deep Space Mutation Mines. After the mine cratered on the planet, Mutation Agents exit the mine and scatter themselves across the surface, corrupting any life they stumble upon into Darkspore, by utilizing unstable E-DNA.

Their origin remains unknown, as well as the origin of their "cruisers".


Mutation Agents always appear during gated hordes. When the player deals with all waves, the Agent shows itself along with one final wave of Darkspore Mutants. Mutation Agents will continously pump out clouds of E-DNA, dealing DPS damage, when the heroes venture in the cloud's range. In addition, they can channel a stream of superpowered E-DNA to a Darkspore, turning it into an Elite, making the fight even worse. In addition, Mutation Agents are orbular, making Skar's Opportunism utterly useless.
  • How the Agent Works: First, a red streak appears, connecting the Agent to its target...
  • ...Then, a black stream of E-DNA is channeled to that creature...
  • ...the creature begins to become enshrouded in smoke...
  • ...then it begins to grow larger, and its eyes glow red...
  • it is an Elite. It is larger than its normal counterpart.

The best strategy to deal with Mutation Agents is to kill all accompanying Darkspore as soon as possible. An alternative strategy, is to immediately focus on the Mutation Agent. If there even will be some Elites, that will be spawned, deal with the other Darkspore first to prevent more Elites from coming onto the battlefield. When the Mutation Agent is all alone, use a Ranged character, most likely a Tempest, to keep yourself out of the E-DNA cloud. After that all you need to do, is shoot and watch as the Mutation Agent loses health. When all Darkspore including the Agent will be killed, the gates will perish and retreat to the ground.


  • Mutation Agents seem to be the official trademark for Darkspore. Which would replace a certain character from the status of the "Darkspore Mascot".
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