Lieutenant necroticleech var1

A Necrotic Leech

The Necrotic Leech was a parasitic Necro Lieutenant.

Stumbling across the surface of Nocturna, the Necrotic Leech fired orbs of Necrotic Energy at their prey. They regained health whenever another Darkspore is hurt.


So loathsome even their fellow Darkspore avoid them whenever possible, necrotic leeches demonstrate just how hideous mutation can get. With their giant, sagging arms, exposed ribs and array of six undersized legs, leeches can panic almost any enemy into retreat. Leeches deal death by aiming clusters of necrotic particles at foes in striking distance, extending life to wounded inferiors by neutralizing necrotic particles around them.


Unless they had a dangerous Aura as an Elite, always leave a Necrotic Leech for last. They were particularly aggravating in Multiplayer, when multiple players go for different enemies while one tried to kill the Leech. The worst possible scenario was several Leeches being attacked by multiple players, in which case they were nigh unkillable. Their projectiles were easy enough to dodge, however.

Ravagers were best here. Viper could kill with unparalleled speed thanks to Expunge. Char's Squad ability and Goliath's Basic Attack could both reduce healing.

It was not recommended to fight one with a hero that has a large area of damage for their basic attack; Krel , Seraph and Tork being examples of this. Their attacks would damage other enemies as well as the Leech, so the Leech would gain all the health it lost back.


  • The bio on appearedto have some errors in code.
  • Their decayed form and hunched, twisted body gave them a resemblance to Necromorphs from Deadspace.
  • Their mouth was a part from Spore called "Maccobjaw", which was very popular among the Darkspore.
  • Their feet were the same ones that Arakna and Skar had.
  • The Necrotic Leech's "Damage Healer" Aura visual effect resembled that of Jinx's passive: the Spirit Aura.
  • Ironically, they did not really heal other Darkspore, as stated in their lore. In fact, when other nearby Darkspore got hurt, the Nectrotic Leech itself got healed! Therefore, this Necro Lieutenant could be compared to the Deadly Sin of Greed.