Minion nova var1

A Nova from Onslaught.

s were small, fast-moving Plasma Minions, found on the planet Scaldron. Their main and only purpose in life was to explode violently at a hero's face. Some good heroes to use against them was Tork, as his squad ability would cleanse all nearby heroes of the effects, and Meditron, as he could use his unique ability to transfer the burning debuff of Novas to other enemies.


Before the Darkspore mutated Scaldron's entire biosphere, four-footed crater mites lived humble lives, attaching themselves to larger creatures and consuming their sloughed-off skin cells. Following transfection, the crater mites became novas, oversized homunculi with highly unstable metabolisms. When their fight-or-flight reaction is overstimulated, novas quite literally explode, engulfing any nearby foe in a highly destructive, flammable mucus, so viscous that it's nearly impossible to remove. By fleeing, foes feed more oxygen to the flames. Few creatures of their size inflict as much damage as novas do.


Their main and only ability was to run towards the nearest hero and explode violently, covering all nearby heroes in a flaming mucus that actually increased in duration the more they moved around. The burning effect would cause very high damage over time. If they appeared in large numbers, this could be deadly. If you got hit by them and could not switch heroes, standing still or having Meditron's Syndrome Shift or Tork's Sporogenesis was a good way to end the debuff.

  • Apocalypse Variant: Hyper Nova

A good way to prevent them from coming to you was to use Andromeda's Repulsion Sphere, Gravity Storm or Force Pulse, plus all her variant abilities minus Shooting Star.


A pack of Novas.


  • Their name was a reference to Supernovas, gigantic star explosions at the end of a star's life, being a reference to their kamikaze-like explosions.
  • Their suicidal nature was extremely similar to that of Exploder Scarabs.
  • They have Char's feet.
  • Novas resembled Blazers, Minions spawned by Merak.
  • Their Burn effect had a unique icon, resembling Krel's Supernova.
  • Novas in-game did not have spikes, but their concept art did show them with spikes.