Orion: The Lightspeed Tempest, Quantum Tempest from Zelem's Nexus.

Orion the Lightspeed Tempest was a Quantum Tempest from Zelem's Nexus. He moved around by use of a hover-pack, despite having legs. He shared his Type and Class with Andromeda. Orion was the second hero announced with the ability to fly, the first one being Jinx. With all 4 of his variants unlockable at Crogenitor level 40, Orion was the final hero (Besides most Delta Variant heroes) unlockable in the game.Orion was first seen in pictures of Darkspore's multiplayer in online previews. His name and title were revealed upon request by senior systems designer Paul Sottosanti on the Darkspore forum.

Gameplay & Strategy

See Hero Strategy: Orion For More Information.


Once tasked with mechano-gravity ensuring the stability of the nexus, Orion nearly died when an equipment failure sent two Zelemi islands on a collision course. Doing everything he could to save the Nexus from destruction, Orion held to his station while everyone around him abandoned theirs. And that is why he was struck by a gravity wave, pulsed from the centre of the Nexus by Crogenitor Zelem himself.

Surging with energies activated from genetic latency, Orion reached out his four arms as if by instinct, creating an antigravitic buffer between the two islands and saving millions of lives, nearly at the cost of his own.

Orion had little time to recover from the stunning exertion, because the Darkspore invasion forced him into hiding. As a fugitive, Orion struck against the invaders with controlled burst of his power, and in his most spectacular victory, used his dimensional shifting power to banish his targets to another cosmic realm, picking off stragglers with his hyper-kinetic projectile weapon.


Base Stats
ORION Alpha Alpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta
Crogen. Lvl Avail. 40 40 40 40
Variant Ability

Dimensional rift

Dimensional Rift

Time bubble

Time Bubble

Shooting star

Shooting Star

Celectial comet

Celectial Comet

Health 165 160 155 185
Power 149 147 150 146
Strength 13 12 11 17
Dexterity 13 16 14 12
Mind 24 22 25 21
Critical Rating 102 114 134 98
Dodge Rating 128 146 134 122
Resist Rating 294 282 300 276


Icon ability Abilities flux dps range2 basic Star Blaster (Basic Ability - Ranged Energy Attack)

Orion the Lightspeed Tempest (PvP Arena)

Orion in the Infinity PvP arena fighting Meditron.

Fires a powerful projectile that deals X energy damage and imbues the target with haste. The haste increases speed by 5% and stacks up to 5 times, Orion will fire two shots every third attack.

Icon ability Abilities flux dps range2 active Temporal Siphon (AOE ability-Energy)

Deals X energy damage to all enemies in a 7m radius. Those enemies are slowed by 40% for 5 seconds, and any haste buffs that they had are transferred to Orion.

Dimensional rift2Dimensional Rift (Alpha Variant Ability - AoE Banish)
  • Orion Alpha Variant
  • Orion Beta Variant
  • Orion Gamma Variant
  • Orion Delta Variant
Banishes all enemies in a 6m area into an alternate dimension for 8 seconds. Those enemies can´t act but are immune to damag

Orion in the Zelem's Nexus cutscene

e and further status effects.

Time bubble2Time Bubble (Beta Variant Ability - AOE Slow)

Creates a spacetime distortion bubble at your location for 12 seconds. Enemies and enemy projectiles are slowed 75% while within the bubble.

Shooting star2Shooting Star (Gamma Variant Ability - Ranged Attack)
Orion the Lightspeed Tempest (Squad Deck)

Orion in a Squad Deck.

Launches an accelerating miniature asteroid that deals X physical damage plus additional damage based on its current speed.

Celectial comet2Celestial Comet (Delta Variant Ability)

Warps a nearby comet down to the planet's surface, causing X physical damage in a 4m radius and knocking affected enemies back.
Darkspore OrionVariant

One of Orion's Variants. This is Orion, but he's missing his jet-pack.

Icon ability Abilities flux dps range2 support1 Chrono Flux (Squad Ability-Energy Attack)

Fires a projectile that deals X damage and reduces all current cooldowns by 50% for allies within 10m of the enemy that it hits.

Icon ability Abilities flux dps range2 passiveChronostabilizer (Passive Ability)

"Increases Movement speed by xx% and Attack Speed by xx%. However, the chronostabalizer degrades as Orion is damaged, diminishing the effect. The current bonus is 25% Movement Speed and 20% Attack Speed."


Hero Spotlight Video

Alienware EXCLUSIVE Darkspore Hero Spotlight - Orion

Alienware EXCLUSIVE Darkspore Hero Spotlight - Orion


  • Orion's name was based on the real-life constellation of the same name, Orion.
  • Orion had Andromeda's wings.
    Betaorion by darkspore conceptart-d3fc4d1

    Early Concept of Orion.

  • Orion's earliest design had more of the "wings" on his back instead of having a jet-pack, also his weapons were completely different.
  • In Greek Mythology Orion is a giant, son of Poseidon, and is a gifted hunter who had the ability to walk on water. This may be the inspiration for Orion to be a long-ranged fighter and that fact that he flies despite having legs.
  • Orion was the only hero with a lore that mentions a Variant Ability (Dimensional Rift).
  • Since Orion did not "use" his feet, there was no foot slot available when editing him. Just like Jinx, his weapon added movement speed rather than feet items.
  • Using Syndrome Shift, Meditron could also steal Orion's haste buffs from enemies if Orion had not used Temporal Siphon on them yet. When under Meditron's control, the buff was called "Lightspeed Haste".