Parasitic Thresher aka Death Mollusk

A Parasitic Thresher in Onslaught

Parasitic Threshers
were Necro Minions from Darkspore. Indigenous to Nocturna, these tripedal creatures drained heroes of their power and exploded upon perishing.
  • Apocalypse Variant: Parasitic Exploder


Parasitic Threshers are small, vicious creatures of low intelligence, imbued with the horrific ability to drain their victims of energy. Highly mobile and able to strike from a distance, Threshers are a threat even in death, exploding the moment their disgusting innards cease functioning.


These Darkspore could (literally) drain heroes' power supply needed to use their Special Abilities. When facing them, you should use heroes with highly damaging basic (and ranged) attacks. A good choice would be SRS-42. His Flak Cannon could (probably) interrupt the power drain, while his Basic (Homing Missile) could deal high amounts of damage without using any of his power. The Threshers were also forced to remain still while leeching and that could be used for advantage. Wraith, although being a Necro Hero, he could interrupt the power drain through Death's Embrace and scatter the Minions away from him, giving him time to get to each and finish them off, one by one. The death explosion, however, will crit on Wraith, once he finished at least one Thresher, so he must be taken out of the range of the explosion. Vex(Alpha) was a good choice as well. His Temporal Strike and Time Bubble would slow down the tempo of which you lose power, while Chrono-Blink, if used properly, could damage and interrupt Threshers in their drain.


  • Parasitic Threshers were once called "Death Mollusks" during the Spore Template Challenge.
  • If there is no power to drain, Parasitic Threshers would simply attack heroes with weak melee attacks.
  • They had Wraith's hands and Revenant's Feet.
  • The term "Parasitic" was probably a reference to their power drain.
  • Their previous name had two references: "Death", probably due to its power leech and explosion upon death, and "Mollusk", being most likely a reference to the Threshers' appearance.
  • The Parasitic Thresher's head was a mouth part from Spore called "Masticator".

    Zrin fighting Death Mollusks (Parasitic Threshers) on what appears to be Nocturna's Twilight Summit.

  • Some of the Darkspore were revealed through screenshots. That included Parasitic Threshers. The picture they were portrayed on was featuring Zrin fighting a few of these things, just as he activated Plasma Column.