Minion pathogenicvegevore var1

The Onslaught variant of the Pathogenic Vegavore.

Pathogenic Vegavores were Bio Minions, which originated from Verdanth. Their appearance was disfigured and unsettling, but this creature was quite dangerous despite it's small size.


Terrifying for their ability to descend from Verdanth's extensive tree cover on unsuspecting travelers, pathogenic vegavores are revolting entities that infect their prey from a distance with pathogenic sprays. They fire projectiles that inflict hyper-contagious disease which can infect entire groups of attackers. Their smell is disgusting enough that it constitutes an attack in itself.


  • Invasion Variant: Contagion Vegavore
The best hero to use was Andromeda. If timed correctly, her Squad Ability could be used to redirect the disease projectiles back at the horde of enemies, causing (most of) the enemies to become infected with their own comrades' disease.

Any Sentinel with high resist and immunity to disease would have an increased chance of resisting the infection. Zrin with the aformentioned stats could simply walk into the crowd and release his Squad Ability, Plasma Column, to kill all enemies around him.

Meditron's Unique Ability, Syndrome Shift, could also be used to give the Vegavores their own debuff, and then Meditron could heal his allies afterwards.


  • Vegavores were first shown in their Apocalypse form in a Dev Diary before the game's release, and were therefore, called "Contagion Vegavores".
  • Many, if not all, of the parts on this were from Spore, such as the Hookencrook hands and Hippity foot.
  • During the first phase of the battle against The Corruptor, eventually only vegavores wouldl spawn. However, they would be one variant higher (except in Apocalypse,as the highest variant is Apocalypse). In Onslaught, the portals would spawn Diseased Vegavores, while portals in Invasion would spawn Contagion Vegavores.