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Onslaught Variant Quadrakiller

Quadrakillers are Plasma Lieutenants from Cryos. Powerful Lieutenants, the Quadrakiller deals crippling damage, requiring the player to stay moving. However, they sleep after each attack, giving a brief window of opportunity.


The product of two centuries of war over dwindling life-sustaining resources, Quadrakillers are devastating in combat. They possess four arms, each capable of unleashing terrifying volleys of lightning projectiles simultaneously. Quadrakillers possess one flaw their dead makers never got a chance to fix: following attacks, they enter brief rest moves in which they are vulnerable to destruction.


  • Invasion Variant: Ballistic Quadrakiller
  • Apocalypse Variant: Quadrakiller Assasin
Quadrakillers fire a volley of fast and powerful projectiles, but must rest between attacks. When fighting them, players should always keep on the move. The easiest strategy is to use a Ravager, running while the Quadrakiller is firing, and attacking while it's sleeping.
  • Vex is an obvious choice, as he can slow the Quadrakiller down and freeze it in time.
  • Blitz, while the same Genesis type as the Lieutenant, could stun them and possesses Plasma Wreath, which gives him a higher chance of surviving the volley.
  • Viper can use his poisons to damage the Quadrakiller while running. He is also good against other dangerous enemies, since his Expunge is one of the most damaging attacks in the game.
  • Seraph-XS has a ranged attack, so she can keep her distance at all times. This is also one of the few times her Passive is useful, as once she is cloaked the Quadrakiller ignores her until she emerges from stealth or attacks.
  • Skar can sneak up behind the Quadrakiller while under a Shadow Cloak, Shadow Sting it, then finish it off before it knows what happened.

Additionally, Wraith's Squad Ability, Ghostform, renders the user immune to projectiles, while Andromeda's Repulsion Sphere can redirect them.


  • Quadrakillers were some of the few instances of Darkspore that had mechanical weapons as well as armor.
  • They have Char's feet and head, Lumin's hands, Zrin's Cashout Weapon on their neck and Orion's Time Blasters as weapons.
  • Quadrakillers seem to hold their weapons by hand instead of having the cannons attached to the arms.
  • Quadrakillers were revealed in the Spore Ballistic Quadrakiller Template Challenge. As it turns out, there are many differences between the Template and the final Lieutenant. It was also revealed that "Ballistic Quadrakiller" was the name of the Quadrakillers' Invasion Variant.
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