The Ragetusk, as it appears in Onslaught

Ragetusks were large, boar-like Bio Lieutenants, first encountered on Verdanth.


Ragetusks are relentless attackers. They've sworn vengeance on those who'd once butchered their kind for meat. Their multiple deadly exo-fangs, barbs and horns tear the flesh and shatter the bones of any who get in their way. When charging, they smash enemies skyward or impale them. If an enemy kills any of their minions, Ragetusks immediately avenge them.


  • Onslaught Variant: Ragetusk
  • Invasion Variant: Punishing Ragetusk
  • Apocalypse Variant: Ragetusk Vengeance
Ragetusks would start their attack with a vicious charge, which knocked the heroes back if they charged from a distance. If nearby Darkspore were killed, they would become enraged, growing in size, gaining more health and dealing more damage.

They were unrelenting, almost never failing to land a hit with their charge. A well timed switch would disrupt them, though, and Vex's Chrono Blink could be used to jump behind them, and freeze them in time. Always focus on a Ragetusk when you can.

One possibility when fighting one was to use Meditron's Syndrome Shift to steal their Enrage. A good Charged Strike/Zetawatt Beam after that, and the Ragetusk should be killed, if not crippled, although the latter ability was less effective if the Ragetusk has a Shifted buff.

Another possibility was to use the Shooting Star variant ability. When they charged, simply fire a Shooting Star, and they were very likely to die before reaching the player.


  • A Mini-boss Ragetusk could be encountered in the Boss-pit at the end of the Verdanth sector, 'Deathly Everglades'. His name was Roark: the Blood-fury, and he had the Surefooted and Surefooted Aura Buffs.
  • On Invasion mode, Ragetusks were much more powerful and were known as Punishing Ragetusks. On the sector "Shrouded Marsh", there was a Mini-boss called Kuma the Berserker. It had the Surefooted, Surefooted Aura, and Shielded buffs.


  • Ragetusks were obviously based on the well know aggressive behavior of wild boars.
  • If a massive amount of enemies were killed around a Ragetusk, it could grow to be big enough to take up half of the screen, so if you saw a horde, and there was a Ragetusk in it, kill it first, then deal with the rest (unless there was a Hypno Mantis to worry about).
    • A giant Ragetusk in Onslaught. Photo taken by DarkGricer.
    • Another Giant Ragetusk. Again, taken by DarkGricer.
    • A large Ragetusk in Invasion Mode.
    • Another massive Punishing Ragetusk
    • A large Meditron that stole a lot of Ragetusk and Protoplasm Enrages
    • Another giant Ragetusk, this time in Apocalypse Mode.
    • An epic Ragetusk Vengeance. Its feet are as big as Krel!
    • A Ragetusk Vengeance from 16-3. It was slain by my Arakna all teh same.
    • Another Ragetusk Vengeance from the same level 16-3.
  • Ragetusks had Viper's head and Arborus' limbs and feet.
  • Their charge was very similar to Savage's Wild Charge.