Lieutenant raykiller var1

Onslaught variant of the Ray Killer.

Ray Killers were Plasma Lieutenants, first encountered on Cryos. They were featured in the Ray Shot Template Challenge, in which they went under the name 'Ray Shot', a reference to their ability to fire powerful blasts of plasma.


Ray Killers once were solemn, nocturnal hunters, whom the Darkspore turned into homicidal hench creatures.

Cunning and ruthless, Ray Killers unleash death in the form of plasma-bursts resembling miniature comets, one for each enemy who faces them. Those micro-comets can be dodged, but inflict terrible damage on those who fail to do so.













  • Onslaught Variant: Ray Killer
  • Apocalypse Variant: Ray Killer Rex
Ray Killers were not common enemies, but that did not make them any less dangerous. Once they saw at least one player, they released a barrage of lightning-like projectiles that flew in a straight line towards all the heroes currently on the level. These meteor-like orbs were so fast that the only way to dodge them would to be to continuously be in motion.

A good hero to use was Revenant, whose squad ability Terrifying Curse inflicted a curse and terrified a Ray Killer from the other side of the screen before it was even aware of Revenant's presence. The terrified beast would scatter around aimlessly for a few seconds, during which it could be openly attacked.

Another good hero to use was Andromeda. Her squad ability, if used with proper timing, could redirect the Ray Killer's projectiles, causing them to hit the Ray Killers who had originally fired them. Her unique ability, Gravity Storm was also be very effective when fighting multiple Ray Killers, or a single one who is surrounded by other enemies.


  • Onslaught versions of Ray Killers had the same cracked face as Lumin.
  • They had Char's feet and Wraith's hands.