The Onslaught variant of a Raytheoid.

Raytheoids were Cyber Lieutenants encountered on Zelem's Nexus. Their main ability was to fire piercing laser bolts that would hit heroes and their pets in a straight line. Their other ability was to apply a buff to nearby Darkspore which doubled their energy damage output. When fighting Raytheoids, it may be best to take out nearby enemies that they buffed quickly before starting on the Raytheoid itself.


Mutated by the Darkspore from excavation drones to combots, the raytheoids are a highly destructive strike force capable of slaughtering victims with laser attacks. They also increases their allies' energy damage. Far more intelligent than the drones they originally were, raytheoids are formidable enemies.


  • Apocalypse Variant: Raytheoid Delta
As ranged enemies, they naturally posed a larger threat than most melee enemies. If they spawned with a group that dealt mainly energy damage, then that threat had been increased even further.

Before firing their piercing laser, Raytheoids ran through a brief animation where they appeared to be manually firing their weapons. This action, along with the sounds that accompanied it, could give a brief but still valuable time to move out of the way of their projectiles. As they could increase their damage, this was something you always want to look out for when fighting them, especially when running Cyber Genetic Heroes on your team. If you could not practically reach the Raytheoid in time, however, then you could focus on nearer enemies that it buffed.

Krel fighting a Raytheoid and a swarm of Caustic Stingers

A Raytheoid attacking Krel.

Prioritize Raytheoids based on their allies. If there were several minions that dealt energy damage, or even just one energy based lieutenant, then it would be prudent to take out the Raytheoid before they could increase their ally's damage. If they were surrounded by mostly physical damagers, though, one could afford to wait, assuming they moved when the firing animation begins, and they were not currently fighting a horde.

Fast Heroes who could easily evade the laser beam and reach the Raytheoid before it could use it's buff were useful here.


  • Raytheoid artwork

    Official Concept Art of Raytheoids.

    The energy damage buff that Raytheoids applied to other Darkspore could be stolen and used by Meditron.
  • Raytheoids were first revealed in the Spotlight Video that revealed the planet Scaldron.
  • stated that they originated from Zelem's Nexus.
  • For a long time, Raytheoids would spawn on most levels in the game after Onslaught, regardless of the planet, and some players even claimed that they would spawn when they were not listed on the level preview. This was fixed in a recent patch, though some claim that they stould will appear from time to time for no reason.
  • They had Magnos's gauntlets as leg limbs.
  • Their lasers were in fact Krel's Loot Weapon, the Forge Cannon.
  • They possessed Goliath's hands and feet.
  • Raytheoids had Char's Weapons mounted on their upper torsos.
  • The Raytheoid's single eye in the concept art is reminiscent of HAL 9000, from 2001: A Space Oddysey. Considering the vast influence it has had on science fiction, this similarity is likely not a coincidence.
  • Since Raytheoids evidently did not appear to originate from any of the known planets, including the planetary location of the DB's Palace, nor had they been confirmed to (supposedly) originate from the TNX Nebula, their "homeplanet" remains unknown.