Lieutenant reconstructionist var1

An Onslaught Reconstructionist.

Reconstructionists were quadrupedal Cyber Lieutenants found on planet Infinity. They were black and green in color and fairly slow, but dealt great damage, especially when they appeared in numbers. It was best to use heroes with long range and high damage attacks, such as Lumin, against them, so they could be killed even before they reach their target.


Designed to provide security and maintenance on mega-construction sites, reconstructionists possess a range of repair tools and massive arms packing enough force to slam the ground, launching most enemies into the air. When damaged, they quickly repair themselves to full function.


  • Onslaught Variant: Reconstructionist
  • Apocalypse Variant: Reconstructionist Annihilator
Reconstructionists were fairly slow. They would pound the ground when heroes were in range, dealing high damage and sending them flying into the air, one of the only attacks in the game capable of doing so. When they lose some health, they would pause and use their repair arms to heal themselves. They were vulnerable to attack during this period. They were also capable of using quick melee-range punch attacks as well.

Recontructionists were quite dangerous alone, but in a group, they were relentless. You had to focus on one at a time, but it was useful to use AoE attacks to weaken the other Reconstructionists, like Sage's Strangling Briars for example. If you weakened them to at least halfway, they would start repairing themselves. Use this to your advantage and focus on one of the Reconstructionists, this made it easier for you to deal with the rest of the remaining enemies.


  • Reconstructionists were similar to Meditron. Their legs were same, as well as their ability to repair themselves.
  • They had the head of Seraph-XS and Meditron's feet.
  • The repair arm of Reconstructionists was a part of Vex's Default Weapon, the Merciless Scimitar.
  • They had the same hands of a Robo-Bomber.
  • They were right handed.
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