Revenant: Deathrider of the Stars, Necro Tempest from Nocturna.

Ingto took the orphan grub Revenant and altered him genetically, turning him into a living battery and radiator of neutrons--in essence, a walking death ray.

Revenant, the Deathrider of the Stars was a Necro Tempest from Nocturna. He shared his Type and Class with Jinx. He was the only tripod hero in Darkspore.


Revenant was first seen in the PvP developer diary, and later in a picture of the Darkspore Editor. His name was revealed on the Darkspore forum.


In the recorded millennia of the Nocturni Legion's wars of enslavement, few Legionnaires have evoked as much terror as Revenant. According to legend, a neutron beam struck him during combat, and instead of killing him, filled him with energy. But those legends were wrong, hiding a far more grotesque fate.
  • Revenant Alpha Variant
  • Revenant Beta Variant
  • Revenant Gamma Variant
  • Revenant Delta

Revenant was the victim of Crogenitor Ingto's ecotoxification program. What the Nocturni perceived as a string of natural disasters, from volcanic eruptions to plagues, was in fact Crogenitor Ingto's "evolutionary" scheme to kill off the majority in favor of the most naturally resilient. Ingto then seized the survivors, subjecting them to even more painful experiments.

Ingto took the orphan grub Revenant and altered him genetically, turning him into a living battery and radiator of neutrons--in essence, a walking death ray.

Revenant soared up the ranks of the Nocturni Legion. In combat, he released endless spheres of necrogenetic energy from his head, projectiles that came to be known as "death-head grenades."

With his hellish ability, Revenant struck at the Legion's enemies and his own commanders from a distance, seizing the ranks of centurion, commandant and finally Praetor.

Revenant crushed realm after realm for the Nocturni Eternals, the self-proclaimed rulers of the planet, and so with unflinching confidence they dispatched their greatest warrior and his forces to engage the invading Darkspore.

The Darkspore obliterated them, and Nocturna fell.

Facing defeat for the first time, Revenant became the galaxy's most feared guerrilla, unleashing his death ray against the Darkspore wherever he found them, all in hope of one day slaughtering the Corruptor himself.


Base Stats
REVENANT AlphaAlpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta
Crogen. Lvl Avail. 11 28 44 49
Variant Ability

Soul Link

Soul Link

Lifeforce Siphon

Lifeforce Siphon

Phantom Charge2

Phantom Charge

Affliction Bolt

Affliction Bolt

Health 165 175 170 160
Power 146 149 147 150
Strength 13 15 14 12
Dexterity 16 11 14 13
Mind 21 24 22 25
Critical Rating 114 94 106 102
Dodge Rating 146 106 108 102
Resist Rating 276 294 280 300


Icon ability Abilities necro dps range2 basicCrippling Shot (Basic)

Revenant fires a concentrated phsycic blast that cripples enemies for a short period of time, reducing their attack power by 25%.

Icon ability Abilities necro dps range2 activePsychic Storm (Unique)

Summons a swirling pool of phsycic energy at a targeted point for 5 seconds. Any enemy within it's range will lose X energy dps.

Soul Link3Soul Link (Alpha Variant)

Damage taken by Revenant is evenly distributed to the rest of his squad members for 12 seconds. If Revenant is at full health, then healing will also be shared with his squad members.

Lifeforce Siphon3Lifeforce Siphon (Beta Variant Ability)

Drains health from 1 target and take 50% less damage from other enemies. Cannot move while in use or the ability will come to a halt. Can be used to drain absolutely massive amounts of health, up to around 500 from a single target.

Phantom Charge3Phantom Charge (Gamma Variant Ability)

Charges to a targeted point going through all enemies in the way, damaging and suppressing them.

Affliction Bolt2Affliction Bolt (Delta Variant)

Summons a semi-intelligent necroplasm for 12 seconds wich will inflict a curse upon each enemy it touches. Cursed enemies will take X energy damage over 8 seconds.

Icon ability Abilities necro dps range2 support1Terrifying Curse (Squad Ability )

Inflicts a curse on a single target that deals X damage and frightens the target.

Icon ability Abilities necro graspingDeadGrasping Dead (passive ability)

Enemies are slowed by 15% within a 8m range



  • In traditional folklore, a revenant is a spirit that terrorizes the living.
  • Revenant was the only tripod hero.
  • Revenant did not possess a staff like most Tempests do. Instead, the crystal in his forehead could emit necrotic projectiles as a primary means of offense.
  • Revenant seemed to have the same walking style as a bipedal being, which is strange, since he actually had three legs.
  • Despite not having weapons excluding the crystalline amulet on his forehead, he could be seen channeling his powers with his hands.
  • Revenant had the longest title of all Heroes in the game.
  • In the Polish version of Darkspore Revenant was called Widmo, which means spectrum or phantom.
  • The "Deathrider" part in Revenant's title was often misunderstood as "Deathraider".
  • Revenant had two affectionate nicknames used by Darkspore Players: Rev and Revvie.