Darkspore concept art 10 by darksporegame-d31u13s

Sage, the Life Forester, Bio Tempest from Verdanth.

A force of emerald vengeance, Sage proved that the Darkspore could be beaten.

Sage the Life Forester was a Bio Tempest from Verdanth. He was a green, quadrupedal, plant-like alien from the planet Verdanth.

He shared his Type and Class with Tork. He was, however, unlocked at Crogenitor Level 2. 


Sage was first seen on the Darkspore website, and was revealed alongside Zrin and Vex.
Sage the Life Forester

Sage, the Life Forester, Bio Tempest from Verdanth.

Gameplay & Strategy

See Hero Strategy: Sage For More Information.


Once a brilliant scientist, Sage began to perceive that alien forces were at work on his world. Training his most sensitive detectors across the Electromagnetic spectrum, he eventually discerned the presence of a powerful intelligence he named Entity 13.

Eventually Sage used Ultraviolet Wave Transmission (UWT) to communicate directly with this being, who was in reality the Crogenitor Astra. He gleaned that while Entity 13 posed no threat to the safety of Verdanth, another onrushing force did: the hordes of the Darkspore.

Unable to stop the Darkspore invasion, Sage witnessed the destruction of his once-green world. He turned his vast intellect--and everything he learned from Entity 13--to the defense of his people. He repurposed reforestation technology as a weapon for planetary liberation.

  • Sage Alpha
  • Sage Beta
  • Sage Gamma
  • Sage Delta
Sage's greatest weapons were his devastating power to spawn mobile and ultra-strong trees, and other entities called dendrones as his protection force. Sage used his metabolic disruptor to slow and damage his targets, while his Rejuvenating Blast to heal his allies.

Sage swore that one day, his world would be free again, so he could put down the weapons of war and once again pick up the tools of science.


Base Stats
Sage Icon type bio Icon tempest 24x24 Alpha Alpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta
Crogen. Lvl Avail. 2 17 32 44
Variant Ability

Enrage new


Virulent Vines

Virulent Vines

Roar of Derision

Roar of Derision

Healing Spore

Healing Sprite

Health 156 165 164 148
Power 148 147 149 150
Strength 14 13 16 12
Dexterity 13 15 11 14
Mind 23 22 24 25
Critical Rating 102 110 94 106
Dodge Rating 128 150 116 144
Resist Rating 288 282 294 300


Icon ability Abilities bio dps range2 passiveRejuvenating Blast (Basic Ability - Ranged Heal / Non-homing Energy Attack)

Fires a sphere of bioplasm that deals X energy damage and lightly heals all allies neat the target for 20% of the damage dealt.

Icon ability Abilities bio dps range2 activeTree of Life (Area heal Ability)

Plants a tree for X seconds that grows when damage is dealt nearby. While the tree lives, all nearby allies are healed for up to X health. When it dies, the tree explodes in a burst of healing energy and heals for up to X additional health. The amount of healing is determined by the size of the tree.

Enrage2Enrage (Alpha Variant Ability)

Heals and enrages a targeted ally or pet, temporarily increasing their power and size. If the ability is manually clicked rather then pressing "2", Sage will enrage himself.

Virulent Vines2Virulent Vines (Beta Variant Ability)

Roots the target in place for 8 seconds and applies an infectious disease that deals X energy damage over that period. The disease will spread to other nearby enemies, dealing X energy damage to each.

Roar of Derision2Roar of Derision (Gamma Variant Ability)

Charges at the targetted point and taunts all enemies near the area, also decreasing any incoming damage by 25%.

Healing SpriteHealing Sprite (Delta Variant Ability)

the Healing Sprite

Sage summons a Healing Spirit of Verdanth to orbit him and heal his allies and him.

Icon ability Abilites bio stranglingBrairsStrangling Briars (Squad Ability)

Creates an area of briars with a 12m diameter that deals X physical damage per second for 10 seconds to enemies caught in it, while reducing their movement speed by 75%.

Icon ability Abilities bio dps range2 supportDendrones (Passive Ability - Summon Bio Minions)


Spawns a melee pet every 20 seconds up to 2 minions at a time.


Up to 5 pets can spawn at a time.


  • Floron, the immortal(sage)

    Early Concept

    In the original artwork of Sage, he had a round green light coming from the side of the metallic implant on his right arm. In the newer concepts of him, he had a disk of yellow light instead.
  • If one looks closely at Sage when he is being compared to his concept and his in-game appearance at Comic-con 2010 , one can easily see that his arm-gun has switched sides.
  • An early concept of Lumin showed him with Sage's head.
  • Sage's Cashout Weapon, the Regenerating Blaster, was exactly the same as Meditron's Loot Weapon, the Proton Beam.
  • Sage's Dendrones were somehow similar to Chlorosaurs in the Simulator Mode...
  • ..which in turn beared strong resemblance to Scorpiods.
  • However, the Chlorosaurs has Sage's head.
  • Meditron used to have Sage's Weapon.
  • In early concepts of Darkspore, Sage used to be known as Floron, the Immortal. The name didn't make it to the final game, but the title is now held by a Bio Captain, namely Xanj, the Immortal from Invasion difficulty.
  • Sage's Dendrone pets looked similar to Char's Elemental Gaurdian.