Seraph XS: The Infiltrator, Cyber Ravager from Infinity.

Seraph-XS, the Infiltrator, commonly referred to as just "Seraph" and sometimes called " Seraph-XS 919 ", is the one-and-only Cyber Ravager. She was originally a Combot, one of the drones used to fight The Darkspore on Infinity, home planet of Cyber genesis , until Crogenitor Suzu reprogrammed her to have free will and a personality.

Seraph is the one of only three Ravagers with a ranged basic attack; the others are Arakna and Krel.



Seraph was one of the first Heroes ever revealed through a concept art picture depicting her standing aside various other heroes. She was briefly hinted at by Maxis developers on the Darkspore forums, but she wasn't revealed officially, and was eventually discovered by the people who played the Darkspore Beta Program.
  • Seraph-XS Alpha
  • Seraph-XS Beta
  • Seraph-XS Gamma
  • Seraph-XS Delta


During the violent hyper-industrialization that signaled the end of their civilization, the denizens of Infinity split into armed factions. Fighting over the few resources they had left to them, they fought wars of starvation. Eventually, the only factions to survive were the ones who needed the least food or drink to survive; the cyborgs.

Seraph XS combots provided the Randayn faction the deadly might they needed to protect their supplies from outsiders until they eventually turned on themselves. And the last Seraph XS standing was Seraph XS 919.

Taking pity on Seraph, Crogenitor Suzu granted her additional capabilities. Scrubbing her algorithms clean from "master-control", Suzu gave Seraph XS free will. That should have guaranteed Seraph XS a better life. Unfortunately, the Darkspore invasion turned the freedom to pursue life into the freedom to select targets for death. Possessing at that point 300 years of combat experience, Seraph XS inventively and ruthlessly slaughtered her Darkspore enemies with a combination of deadly mines, attractor bombs, and auto-turrets.

Crogenitor Suzu hoped that one day, his "child" would be free of the terror that defined her existence. But Suzu knew that day would not come until the galaxy was free of the Darkspore...


Base Stats
SERAPH-XS Alpha Alpha Beta Beta Gamma Gamma Delta Delta
Crogen. Lvl Avail. 20 20 20 20
Variant Ability

Zetawatt Beam

Zeta-watt Beam

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mine

Omni Shield

Omni Shield

Charged Strike

Charged Strike

Health 205 215 235 230
Power 115 116 110 112
Strength 11 13 17 16
Dexterity 24 21 23 22
Mind 15 16 10 12
Critical Rating 196 184 192 122
Dodge Rating 294 276 288 284
Resist Rating 140 146 110 122


See Hero Strategy: Seraph-XS For More Information.


Icon ability Abilities cyber dps melee basic Contact Grenade (Basic Attack)

Lobs a slow grenade that explodes after contacting an enemy or

The Grenade

after 1.5 seconds. It splits X energy damage between enemies in a 3m area, plus X bonus damage per enemy struck.

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps melee active Attractor Bomb (Special Ability)

Plants a bomb that taunts all enemies within 8m, then explodes, hitting enemies within 8m for X energy damage, and stunning them for 3 seconds. The bomb has X health and can be destroyed.

The Attractor Bomb

Zetawatt Beam Zeta-watt Beam (Alpha Variant Ability)

Piercing laser beam attack that deals X energy damage to all enemies in a line.

Proximity Mine2 Proximity Mine (Beta Variant Ability)

Places a mine that will explode if an enemy comes within 3.4m or after 15 seconds. The mine deals X energy damage to all enemies in a 4m and dazes them for 6 seconds.

Omni Shield2 Omni Shield (Gamma Variant Ability)

Instantly removes all harmful status effects and prevents all incoming damage and harmful status effects for 4 seconds.

Charged Strike2 Charged Strike (Delta Variant Ability)

A painful melee range electrical strike that deals X physical damage and taunts the target for 6 seconds.

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps melee support1 Auto Turret (Squad Ability)

Places a turret that fires lasers dealing X energy damage at nearby enemies. The turret will break apart after 10 seconds.

The Auto Turret. (Mind the text in the image.)

Icon ability Abilities cyber dps melee passive Stealth Module (Passive Ability)

Becomes invisible every 12 seconds for 3 seconds. Attacking or taking damage will break the invisibility.

Patch notes

  • Patch (May 5th, 2011) - Charged Strike now requires a target. Auto Turret can no longer dodge or resist attacks. Auto Turret’s health has been greatly increased.
  • Patch (September 15th, 2011) Attractor Bomb can now be hit by ranged attacks.


  • Betaseraphxs by darkspore conceptart-d3fc4ed

    Early Concept of Seraph-XS.

    Seraph's right arm is a grenade-lobbing blaster weapon that bears a resemblance to the portal gun from the game series Portal. Since she always crossed her arms while running, from a distance it would appear her left arm held her weapon.
  • Seraph is the only other hero in the game who is a completely inorganic being (the other being Meditron).
  • According to her lore, her full name is "Seraph XS 919".
  • In the Christian and Hebrew bible, Seraphs are fiery, six-winged angelic beings. This explains Seraph's name, which fits with the style of naming Cyber heroes after biblical figures (Goliath, Titan, ect.).
    Betaseraphxs with claws by darkspore conceptart-d3fc4fr

    Early concept of Seraph-XS with claws.

  • Seraph is one of two Genetic Heroes who were called "children" of Crogenitors. The other one is Andromeda.
  • Seraph's suffix, 'XS', when pronounced quickly sounds almost exactly like 'access', referring to her Passive and her title.
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