Shielded Grenadier

A Shielded Grenadier from Onslaught.

Shielded Grenadiers were large tripod Cyber Lieutenants that appeared on Infinity. They held a huge energy shield in front of them during combat, while they throw grenades.


Shielded Grenadiers were once search-and-rescue platforms for Crogenitor asteroid mining operations. As mutant Darkspore, they are capable and efficient leaders of strike forces, protecting themselves with nearly impenetrable energy sheaths and annihilating their foes with wave after wave of micro-bombs. Grenadiers are dependable and devastating.


  • Onslaught Variant: Shielded Grenadier
  • Apocalypse Variant: Ultra Grenadier
Shielded Grenadiers were very fierce enemies, hiding behind their energy shields while throwing an endless supply of grenades at heroes. Their energy shields were impenetrable and the only way to hurt them was to flank them from behind to make the grenadier stop throwing grenades to turn around and face you.

Shielded Grenadiers were hard to approach because they were usually found with other Darkspore, making them a deadly adversary, if you killed all the other Darkspore, Grenadiers become less frightening. If you approached them from the front they would smash their shields into, you forcing you back into the air. A good way to deal with them was to run quickly behind them, they put their shield down to turn around and face you again, try to kill them fast before they smash their shields into your face.

Sage's Strangling Briars was a great ability to use if you encountered a group of Darkspore and some Grenadiers. put the briars under the Grenadiers and the briars would deliver a decent amount of damage while you dealt with the remaining Darkspore. Sage, unlike other heroes, could also take out a single Grenadier by using his regular attack, Rejuvenating Blast, even from the front. Zrin's Meteor Strike came in handy if you spotted a Grenadier from afar, the meteor would stun them, giving you some time to kill the other Darkspore.


  • They had SRS-42's feet also known as the "Crusher".
  • Grenadier's heads were actually a defense part.
  • Shielded Grenadiers threw the same grenades used by Robo-Bombers and Seraph-XS.
  • In Onslaught, they threw normal grenades. On Invasion,not only did they throw one grenade, but also lobbed three additional grenades around the original grenade. In Apocalypse, there were six additional grenades instead of three. Such types of grenades are called "cluster grenades".
  • If a player got too close to a Grenadier, they would attempt to knock the player backwards by ramming them with their shield. Since the shield was made of energy, damage taken from this attack was classified as energy damage, and dodging/resisting it would also avoid the knockback.
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