Minion splitbeetle var1

A Split Beetle

While Split Beetles looked cute, in large groups, they could be major annoyances. They shot shadow balls at you, and cloned themselves every so often. Each individual beetle could have only one clone at a time. Once the "real" (original) beetle was destroyed, its clone also died off.


Split Beetles instantaneously generate duplicates of themselves which function in deadly unison. Adding to that threat is the beetle's ability to approach while invisible, and then attack with destructive projectiles. The duplicate beetle, however, lacks the resilience of the original, and any attack against the primary inflicts twice the injuries on its copy. Once the duplicate dies, the spawner will resume invisibility, only to attempt the same attack again.


  • Invasion Variant: Mirror Beetle

Combating Split Beetles could be difficult, as it was hard to tell which one is the real one, but in a 2-man or more group, you could attack both of them at the same time, and the clone should die off quickly. While Elites were stronger, it was easier to identify the real one. Even though the beetles were supposed to make clones of themselves, when an elite cloned itself, it spawned with different attributes. If you were paying attention, or if you were lucky to get one with Ghostly or Reflective , then it should be easy to attack the real one.Also, the clones of an elite were called "Elite Duplicators",while the real one was called "Elite Split Beetle". If damaged before duplicating, the real beetle would have less health than the clone.


  • Split Beetle's cloning ability resembled that of Nashira.
  • Despite their insectoid name, Split Beetles were quadrapedal, unlike real insects, who have 6 legs. Then again, they were aliens and mutated ones, so Earth criteria doesn't really count.
  • Split Beetle's legs were Spore's exoskeletal legs.