Minion strontiumfist var1

A Strontium Fist from Onslaught

Strontium Fists were Cyber Minions from Infinity. They had a single leg for locomotion, and a pair of oversized arms and fists used for striking. Their punches inflicted Taunt on Heroes, forcing them to focus on the Strontium Fist.


The strontium fists are powerful security mechanoids on Infinity. Once they were programmed to secure all ship construction yards. Now they are mindless, destructive machines that physically attack unfamiliar creatures on sight, harassing their foes to lure them to their deaths.


At first, a Strontium Fist seemed rather pathetic. After all, it was literally begging to be killed. But when Suppression Mechanoids, Raytheoids, Underminds, Ragetusks, Animi, Hypno Mantis, and Lockdown Agents were surrounding you, they suddenly were not so much sad as terrifying.

The best way to deal with Strontium Fists was to take as many as possible before they can reach you and inflict their taunt. Areas of Effect were useful here, especially if they are flanked by some of the more dangerous Darkspore. Titan, Arborus, Seraph-XS, SRS-42, Tork, and Goliath all had Area's of Effect as their Basic Attacks. Unfortunately, most of those Heroes were also Cyber, and would take extra damage. Magnos could push them away before they had the chance to taunt. Any Hero with SRS-42 in the squad deck could wreak havoc on their numbers with Flak Cannon. Finally, just about any ranged Hero that was quick on his/her feet could take them down with relative ease.

The only time you could really consider Strontium Fists a real threat, was in large groups of Darkspore, even more so when some of them were elites. They could dish out a ton of damage and when you were taunted by them, you are unable to switch, making death almost certain.


  • They had Titan's eyes and SRS-42's feet. The same part appeared in the Spore Bot Parts Pack and is called "Crushers".
  • Their hands came from the Spore Bot Parts Pack.
  • Their eyes were the "Blinkojo" parts from the Spore Bot Parts Pack.
  • It was the only monoped character in the game. (Swarming Herbipods don't count because they're stationary; and their "foot" is their "anchor")