Minion thorntriped var1

A Piercing Triped

Thorn Tripeds were Bio Minions from Scaldron.

They were bizarre, botanical entities, covered in spines. Despite having no visible sensory organs, they would home in on any nearby heroes, and attack with a barrage of thorns.


Originally a source of food for many of Scaldron's predators, thorn tripeds flourished under Darkspore mutation. Their thoraces sprouted deadly spikes which serve as offensive armor. Any attempts to fight tripeds physically guarantees that attackers will suffer at least as much as their targets.


  • Onslaught Variant: Thorn Triped
  • Invasion Variant: Piercing Triped
  • Apocalypse Variant: Spiked Triped (Sometimes replaced by Piercing Triped)
Tripeds attacked with an AOE of thorns. AOE resistance was useful here. They also had a Spiky Buff, which would cause recoil damage on any Hero who attacked with melee. The easiest way to deal with them was to pick them off from afar. Even if they do get into melee range, continue using energy-based attacks at point-blank in order to avoid the Spiky buff. Their thorn AOE had very short range (about half as far as Arakna's Necrotic Bolt), so using Andromeda could help quite a bit, by knocking them back.

Meditron could use his Syndrome Shift to steal the Spiky Buff and then use a Charged Strike on one without the attack backfiring. Stealing the Spiky Buff from the Tripeds would prevent allies with Melee attacks from suffering Spiky's Damage.


  • Along with Menace Weeds, Swarming Herbipods, Botanical Tunnelers, and Protoplasms, Thorn Tripeds were the most plant-like of all Darkspore, even more so than some of the others. They had no visible mouth, and their bodies were planned out by radial symmetry (though the growth of thorns seemed to be random).
  • They had Revenant's feet.
  • On, they were called Piercing Tripeds.
  • Their appearances did not change much between difficulties like Invasion, they only changed color.
    • Piercing Tripeds sometimes appeared in Apocalypse levels instead of Spiked Tripeds, their Apocalypse variant. Spiked Tripeds were blue, while Piercing Tripeds were bright green. This could or could not have been a bug.