Emerald Toxiraptor

The Onslaught version of a Toxiraptor.

Toxiraptors were small Bio Minions, first encountered on Verdanth. They were featured in the Toxiraptor Template Challenge, in which they were called 'Emerald Toxiraptors', a reference to their green color.


Once tiny creatures with a mild, stinging bite, toxiraptors became tall, lightning-fast attackers that hunted in packs. At close range, they attack physically, using their wicked fangs and injecting a deadly nerve agent causing paralysis and death within minutes.


  • Onslaught Variant: Toxiraptor
Toxiraptors excelled at physical attacks and would attack any hero, bringing their poison after successful strikes. Be wary if you find them in large groups because this could be dangerous because their poison may not stack, but you could get poisoned another time so killing them from afar works best.

Sage, despite being a Bio hero was very good at killing off Toxiraptors using his Strangling Briars to weaken the approaching Toxiraptors which made it easier to finish them off. If Toxiraptors managed to surround you use Andromeda's Repulsion Sphere to give you some space.

Before they attacked, they would roar, so ranged and/or fast heroes would have a chance to attack them.


    • An Emerald Toxiraptor from the Template Challenge.
    • The same Emerald Toxiraptor
    • Another special Toxiraptor from the Template Challenge.
    • Another Special Toxiraptor
    Although they were featured in the Toxiraptor Template Challenge, it did not look exactly like the winning creation, although was likely inspired by it. However certain Elites were able to assume the form of some of the Template Challenge Entries from Spore, though these "Special" Elites were fairly rare...
  • ...though you could be lucky enough to fight two different Emerald Toxiraptors on the same level. Consider yourself lucky if you managed to survive such an encounter.
  • They had Savage's head and Viper's feet.
  • They were once called "Emerald Toxiraptors". However, no such name has been reported in the game.
  • The detail items on their backs were the "Nurple" part from Spore.
  • Raptor is robber in Latin.
  • Conveniently, Toxiraptors seemed to be based off of Velociraptors, a species of dinosaurs famed by their great speed and agility. The big difference between them and Toxiraptors is that the latter did not have any arms.