The Onslaught Variant of Underminds.

The Underminds were Plasma Lieutenants from parts unknown. Pyrokinetic zealots, the Underminds served a support role to the Darkspore legions. Though they could easily kill a Hero on their own if they wanted to...
  • Onslaught Variant: Undermind
  • Invasion Variant: Pyrotechnic Undermind
  • Apocalypse Variant: Subversionist Undermind


While many assume that underminds emerged from the superhot domains of Cryos, no one knows where they actually evolved. Some suspect they're an original product of the Corruptor's mind, constructed gene by gene from a million different species. Whatever their origin, the cunning and craven underminds inflict damage on those who attack their allies, thus making them highly dangerous to engage. They attack foes with short-range lasers, and also heal their wounded allies.


The Underminds were dangerous on their own, and worse when with allies. Plasma Heroes were a liability here, as an Undermind could mortally wound them on a whim.

Tempests were the way to go. Their high Resist helped with the burns, and they could attack from afar. Tork's Sporogenisis cleansed the Squad and all Allies of the burns and Energy Vulnerability. With Meditron, one could wait for the Undermind to have its say, then use Syndrome Shift.

Of course, if a Hero had a piece of gear that rendered them immune to Burns, then all this was irrelevant. The Undermind would be rendered useless, allowing you to pick it off at your leisure.


  • Underminds had Char's feet and Lumin's hands.

    The Underminds' concept art.

  • Due to their head being made practically completely made out of "details", their real mouth remains unknown.
  • Note~ On Onslaught, there was a Mini-boss Undermind named Kaai the Craven Blaster. It had the Persistent and Persistent Aura buffs. It was encountered on The Desert Necropolis. During Invasion, Underminds were much more powerful and are known as Pyrotechnic Underminds. The Mini-boss of these new enemies was called Pretor the Pyro Incinerator. It had the Persistent, Persistent Aura and Carapace buffs. In Apocalyse, they were even stronger, and are called Subversionist Underminds.
  • In Polish Darkspore version Undermind named ,,Sługa"! (Minion in Polish)