Minion voltroid var1

A Voltroid from Onslaught.

Voltroids are small Cyber Minions from Infinity. Voltroids power each other up and they usually strike from a distance.


Once Voltroids were tasked with repairing Infinity's complex array of machine life. Now Voltroids issue life and death by the same means. To their fellow mechanoids, they offer electrical recharging. To their enemies, they offer (if they're fully charged) electrocution. Although reluctant to attack, Voltroids, once committed, are dangerous enemies.


  • Invasion Variant: Voltroid-XR
  • Apocalypse Variant: Voltroid-EM
Since Voltroids deal energy damage, it is probably best to use Tempests, as they have a high resist rating. Another way to counter these is to use a ranged AoE, or to have someone stock up on blue catalysts and lead the group, acting as a shield to the rest of the team. Once you get close to Voltroids, it shouldn't be a problem. Luckily, they have low health and shouldn't be hard to take out. But Elite Carapace/Tough/Regenerative/Ghostly/ Reflective Voltroids are a completely different story...

Avoid charging into a group of Darkspore with these minions hanging around, you'll be too busy with the other enemies to deal with the Voltroids, and by the time you are done fighting all the other enemies a Voltroid could be fully charged and fire a crippling blow on your hero.


  • Voltroids have the same feet as SRS-42, which are actually feet from the Spore Bot Parts Pack called "Crushers".
  • There was once a bug about Voltroids causing them to charge each other the whole time and never attack.
  • It is possible to steal their "zapper buff", using Meditron's Syndrome Shift.
  • Their laser/optic is the Hover Pack from Spore Galactic Adventures.
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