Lieutenant warpspawner var1

A Warp Spawner from Onslaught.

Warp Spawners were Quantum Lieutenants from Zelem's Nexus. Warp Spawners were some of the first Darkspore revealed on the original website. They were floating creatures that projected energy projectiles that teleported whatever they hit, along with damage.


The floating flowers of Zelem's Nexus were always dangerous creatures. Once genetically altered into warp spawners, they gained the capacity to hurl miniature wormholes, which teleport their targets unpredictably and thus protect spawners from harm.


Warp Spawners were some of the most aggravating enemies in the game, especially if the player relied heavily on melee. Spinning on their sides, they rolled through the air in no particular direction. This unpredictability, combined with their teleporting projectiles, made it very difficult to get into melee range.

Naturally Shifted, Areas of Effect were mostly useless against them. This made Titan the worst possible Hero to use against them. Seraph-XS and SRS-42 also had difficultly fighting these alien horrors.

All Tempests, apart from SRS-42, were naturally well equipped against Warp Spawners. With ranged attacks, and naturally high Resist, they could kill a Spawner with little effort. With high enough Resist, the Wormholes they shot would often have no effect. Alternatively, a Ravager like Viper, Blitz, or Vex could rush forward and deal impressive damage. Vex would take extra damage, but his teleport would freeze the Darkspore, rendering them vulnerable. Blitz could Ride the Lightning in, stunning them, and his Plasma Wreath increased his Resist rating. Viper just killed enemies frightfully fast, and a application of Virulent Vines, running in to hit with his claws, ending with an Expunge usually crippled if not outright kill. Another good thing about Ravagers was that they dodged projectiles much better than Tempests, making the projectiles nearly useless.


  • Warp Spawners rotated on their equator, unlike any other Darkspore.
    • Onslaught Variant: Warp Spawner
    • Invasion Variant: Black Hole Spawner
    • Apocalypse Variant: Singularity Spawner
  • Surprisingly, Warp Spawners were once thought to be Minions, simply bigger. The fact that they used ranged attacks made one of the Darkspore Community to create a sub-class of Minions called "Shooters".
  • As their lore says, it would seem that Warp Spawners were once "floating flowers", a species of flora on Zelem's Nexus. The lore also stated that they were also dangerous before becoming Darkspore. 
  • Warp Spawners were just creatures composed of tentacles and a single mouth and did even seem to have eyes.
  • On Apocalypse, Warp Spawners were called Singularity Spawners. They featured a single eye where on a regular Warp Spawner their mouth would be. Thus making Singularity Spawners appear mouthless and being the only Warp Spawner featuring eyes as well.
  • Strangely, using Syndrome Shift right as you were teleported by a wormhole projectile caused nearby Darkspore to randomly teleport. This was probably because the teleportation is considered a "debuff" as it randomly teleported the target to an undesirable location.