ZW-08, the Omnipotent (Apocalpyse)

ZW-08, the Omnipotent

, the Omnipotent Is a Cyber Captain, and is encountered in the boss pit of the Terminal Haven sector of Infinity in Apocalypse difficulty. ZW-08 is a much larger and more powerful version of the Reconstructionist Annihilator, and has the Shielded, Unstoppable, Frenzied, Unstoppable Aura Affixes, meaning him and allies nearby are immune to Stuns, Terrifies, Sleeps, and Suppressions, and he is much faster on attacking his foes making him, at sometimes, hard to defeat.


Like Reconstructionists, They throw a series of punches and smashes the ground on enemies that are close to him, but since he is Frenzied, he will attack twice as much. Stopping him wouldn't work because he is also Unstoppable as well as his allies. First thing to do is to take out other darkspore arround so you could focus more on ZW-08 afterwards.

There is always a choice to start attacking the captain first. If you want to attack him first, use AoE attacks like Sage's Strangling Briars and/or Zrin's Plasma Column as well as dealling as much as possible. Using Viper and his ability Expunge can help take him down faster.


  • ZW-08's title as "the Omnipotent" is likely referenced to him having very great or unlimited authority and power. 
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